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Planning your estate is no easy task. 

Estate planning is about much more than a simple Will. You need to plan for every asset, discuss every possible problem and plan for it! Good estate planning with an experienced lawyer allows you to be in charge of who owns and receives your property. Without the careful guidance of a lawyer, you may make mistakes. You may not even consider details, such as taxes, which are essential to planning an estate.


This ultimately means your property might not be distributed the way you want. You may lose all control.

If you have minor children, estate planning can make sure that they are provided for, both personally and financially, upon your death or incapacity.


Estates need to follow rigid state laws and statutes in order to be valid. This process can be daunting. Thinking about death and planning ahead for it can be emotionally exhausting. Let our firm assist you in handling your assets properly. 

"If you're going to live, leave a legacy. Make a mark on the world that can't be erased.” - Maya Angelou

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If you or a loved one passes away with no estate plan, your family will most likely be faced with an expensive and time-consuming probate process. For example, if a deceased person owns a $500,000.00 home and $50,000.00 in stocks, it can cost up to $29,000.00 and take from nine months to two years to probate that estate.

Come to us for a solid and comprehensive estate plan and provide a smooth transition for your heirs.

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You may want to consider putting a portion of your estate into a trust. Trusts help to minimize estate taxes and your loved ones will likely be able to avoid the probate process before accessing the assets you have left for them. Setting up a trust can allow your family to avoid uncertainty, extra expenses, and potential arguments and then they can focus on the emotion of the traumatic moment. 
However, in order to set up a trust, you will need legal guidance from lawyers with extensive experience like us.

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Guardianships, Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxies, Special Needs Trusts

Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), Medicaid, Medicare, food stamps and more. Get your eligibility questions answered.

Given your loved one’s circumstances, what would provide the right foundation for their independence, while ensuring their security and enabling parents to assist with important decisions? Will your child be able to work? Will they require full-time care? Where will they live? What sort of social life are they likely to want? 

Our attorney with over 25 years of experience with individuals with disabilities can explain how a Special Needs Trust can be used to pay expenses without jeopardizing eligibility for important means-tested government programs. 

We can discuss funding sources—insurance, investments, bequests—and the best way to accumulate the necessary assets to provide for the entire lifetime of your child.

We can also help families think through the “circle of support” that will be available to your child when parents can no longer act as caregivers. 

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