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About Our Business

Positive Possible Futures Start With Planning

THE LAW OFFICES OF KIMBERLY A. PISINSKI, LLC assists Individuals and Businesses with Planning and Advising. We assist Individuals who are planning for the future and dealing with stressful life problems. We help businesses create solid goals and plans that will assist them in reaching their dreams.

We motivate clients into ACTION - planning long and short term goals, overcoming the overwhelm, and short-cutting the "I'm too busy, I'll get to it later" excuses and replacing it all with feelings of control, accomplishment, and abundance!  

We assist businesses with Buy-Sell agreements, business valuation, tax strategies, developing short and long term goals, discussing retirement planning, succession planning, and estate planning. 

The old saying that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is never more true than when dealing with financial and/or legal affairs. A short conversation can often prevent years of remorse. We give individuals, business owners, and managers peace of mind.

We assist, inform and empower!





The legal developments or accomplishments described in these materials should not be assumed an indication of future results.

Kimberly A. Pisinski is a Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and Georgia admitted attorney and responsible for this advertisement's contents.

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The Team

We have dedicated Attorneys, Legal Assistants, and Paralegals who put your needs first!

We use experienced local attorneys to assist you as well.



Attorney Pisinski is a Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Georgia Attorney representing clients in State and Federal Courts, Appellate & Supreme Court, Arbitrations, and administrative settings. She successfully argued before the CT Supreme Court en banc changing law to provide orphans access to Court. She practices largely in the areas of Bankruptcy, Tax Relief, Wills & Trusts, as well as representing persons with disabilities and brain injuries in a variety of settings. 

Attorney Pisinski is also a lecturer and consultant for national and local organizations, including ARC, BIAC, Community Options, CT State Legislature, and Lawyers for Children America. 


Prior to forming her current law firm, she was Managing Partner at a national law firm, managing staff and attorneys across the country and maintaining a caseload of complex litigation. Previously she also worked as a Litigation Partner at a medium sized law firm, where she was responsible for half of the firm’s commercial litigation business where she independently managed cases, including appeals, for Fortune 500 financial institutions. She was also formerly a part-time Assistant Professor at the University of Connecticut’s Center for Developmental Disabilities.


Attorney Pisinski has over 20 years of experience zealously representing individuals and businesses. She is dedicated to her clients and once you are a client of her firm, you are part of her law firm family for life.

Law Offices of Kimberly A. Pisinski, LLC

44 State Street, Northampton, MA 01060

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