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It is a dynamic ever-changing situation when you mix family and wealth. It is possible to maintain long-term important relationships and maintain wealth for all involved with the right parties at the table early on when disputes begin to arise. We strongly recommend calling us as soon as arguments arise so that we can mediate and help everyone involved come to a win-win solution.


We assist clients in negotiating, mediating, and resolving challenging matters with sensitivity and compassion.

In addition to fiduciaries and individuals, we represent charities named as beneficiaries in preserving their donors' intentions.

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We handle a variety of estate, trust, and fiduciary disputes. This includes:

  • Will and trust contests, interpretation, decanting, and reformation.

  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims.

  • Will and trust administration and disputes.

  • Guardianship and conservatorship proceedings.

  • Closely-held and family-held business disputes involving trusts and estates.

  • Creditor claims against trusts and estates.

  • Undue influence, lack of capacity, fraud, or other claims.

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